Significance of Curtain Poles and Curtains

At present, everybody wants a beautiful house with all the best decorative items. Curtains are also included in this category. The latest trend blindly followed by today’s generation is to make a theme for the entire dwelling. Curtain poles are the second crucial enhancing material for your curtains. Easy availability of different range of curtain beams makes it easy for people, who have an obsession for decorating and continuously beautifying their place.

Broad ranges of curtain beams facilitate the person to select the best poles for his/her home. Numerous types of curtain poles flood the market. Some of them are as follows:

– Magnetic or Flat Sash Rod: These rods or sticks are very flat and act as magnets. They also serve the purpose of an ornamental poles that are effective and give your house a stunning look. They are fixed on the peak of the glass pane. Sash rods are always slim in nature.

– Café Rods: There is not much difference in Sash rods and café rods. Café rods are much thicker than the earlier one. The brass and nickel café rods are very attractive. Even though if your curtains are plain and simple, the decorative café curtain beams are exclusive to get attention of your guests towards your curtain poles.

– Magnetic Rods: As the name suggests, these magnetic curtain beams are mounted on a metal glass framework to clasp more easily the curtains.

Whenever you want, you can change the curtain poles according to your convenience. It does not require much time to do the same. Today, equal amount of time is spent to select the excellent curtains and curtain beams. Make sure that you take proper measurement for fixing the poles and they are exactly the size of your windows. For any kind of details on curtain beams, surf the Internet and you will get lots of superior quality information.

Save Money With Blackout Curtains

Most people are familiar with certain aspects of blackout curtains. Those are curtains that make the room exceptionally dark. For some homes which want to brighten their rooms, there are window treatments that allow plenty of light through and around the curtains. But some people need to block as much light as possible. This may be due to the fact they are light sleepers and do not want the morning sky to awaken them too early. Or they may be shift workers that need to sleep during the day. Another possibility is that they have children who nap, or who should be in bed while the sun is still up. Lastly, people in cities use them to block out street lights and lights from traffic.

While those uses are commonly known, there is another benefit to blackout curtains that many people do not think about.

Because of the way blackout curtains are made, they are denser and heavier than regular curtains. Some even have a rubberized lining on the window-side. These make great light-blockers, but they also block heat.

In the summertime, using blackout curtains can reduce the temperature in a room by as much as ten to fifteen degrees. When used in multiple rooms, this can significantly reduce the load on any air conditioner/cooling unit. That, in turn, reduces the electric bill.

In the winter, you want the light to come in through those windows and heat the house as naturally as possible (reducing your heating bill). However, by using blackout curtains at night in the winter, you can reduce the amount of heat exchange that takes place through the window (which is the biggest source of lost heat in the house). Think of it like putting a blanket over the window, keeping the heat in. Again, using the curtains like this becomes a money-saver by keeping your house warmer in winter, lowering your heat bill.

Lined Curtains Are Eco Friendly

With gas and electricity prices at an all time high, home owners are looking for ways to save money around the house so that in the long term, their bills stay as low as possible. I am not suggesting sitting in a freezing, dark and damp house throughout winter, and sweating it out through the summer months. But learning to rely less on central heating and air conditioning can have several benefits. Of course your bills will be smaller, but it also gives you the opportunity to do a bit of decorating, make your home ‘greener’ and have fun with your friends and family.

My number one tip that I can give you to save energy and money around the home is to turn things off! Having lights and appliances switched on at the plug is a waste of energy and adds a significant amount onto your monthly, quarterly or annual bill. It may seem like a hassle to have to turn your TV off standby, especially if it means getting out of bed, but think of all the money you could save. On top of that, TVs are one of the leading factors in house fires at night, so you are protecting yourself and your home by pressing that big button! Lights, the kettle and phone chargers are all big energy wasters too.

You can save money when you have the lights on if you switch from incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent lighting (CFL). You could use between 50 and 80 percent less energy if you have installed CFLs, and they last up to ten times longer. Incandescent light bulbs have a lifetime of 750 to 2500 hours whilst CFLs have a minimum lifespan of 6000 hours, and can last up to 10000 hours.

There are other changes we can make to our homes which will have a green effect. Making the actual building and rooms more energy efficient will save money and be better for the environment. Hanging lined curtains up in rooms that face the sun has many advantages. Firstly, they will last longer than unlined curtains, blinds and nets as the lining stops the material from fading. Secondly, most lined curtains have thermal qualities and will help to control the room’s temperature by keeping the heat in when it is cold outside and stopping too much heat entering the space when the sun is blazing. Some lined curtains have noise reduction qualities which means that you don’t need to have the TV or radio on so loud, which will also save you money. You could choose curtains to match your room design, but if you fancy a change it is the perfect opportunity to redecorate and incorporate lined curtains into the room.

If you are looking for a way to keep the children entertained during the holidays, or you enjoy making crafts with your friends, you could start making quirky draft excluders. These will stop any drafts from outside the house or colder rooms from entering the most commonly used living spaces in your home. The living room, kitchen and inhabited bedrooms would all benefit from a draft excluder so that colder areas do not affect your comfort and you don’t have to turn the heating up. You can design draft excluders to fit in with the theme of each individual room, or make them stand out and have fun designs. Children will enjoy making them by filling material with newspaper or stuffing.

So you see making your home greener does not mean spending a lot of money, taking up loads of time or having to change your way of life. Don’t worry, you can still watch TV and won’t have to rely on a torch to read a book. However, been sensible with your money and the way your house uses energy could save you tens if not hundreds of pounds over the year. That can only be a good thing, especially with bills set to rise even higher.