Lined Curtains and Draft Excluders to the Rescue

With energy bills at an all time high, home owners are looking for ways in which they can save money around the house. Reducing the amount we have to use, the heating and cooling systems in our house can bring down our gas and electricity bills by tens of pounds, leaving you with a little bit extra disposable cash to spend on the things in life that really matter. All of the advice in this article focuses on cheap changes that can add pleasant aesthetic features to your home and reduce the risk of fire your house faces.

Draft excluders. For most of us they conjure up images of the 70s, old people’s houses and sausage dogs. They have not enjoyed a favourable reputation and only recently have their designs come to resemble anything remotely trendy. All that has now changed with the advent of caring consumerism, as the environment has come into the fore and we look for ways to save money. Textile manufacturers have designed fashionable, discreet draft excluders that will blend in to your home’s style and reduce the need for extra heating in well used rooms of your home. If you do not have drafts coming into your living room, there will be less need for gas or wood burning fires.

Also effective in reducing the need for central heating systems are lined curtains. Although they are slightly more expensive than non-lined curtains, the extra backing on the material has several cost reducing benefits. The lining material has insulation qualities that keep rooms hot in winter and cool in summer. If you are a light sleeper or work nights, blackout lining will make your room completely dark. Because less light is able to enter a room when they are closed, there is less risk of your furniture and the front panel of the curtains fading, caused by UV rays from the sun. On top of this, the lining on the curtains can reduce the level of outside noise entering your home, so if you are affected by a background murmur from a road or park, you will hear less of this. The insulating and noise absorbing benefits are a cheaper alternative to thermal and acoustic insulation which can be costly to fit, and they will still save you money off your household bills.

Insulation is always going to reduce the amount of wasted heat escaping from your home and costing you money. The same goes for boilers. If you have a hot water boiler in your house, fit it with an insulating jacket to reduce the amount of heat it loses and reduces it’s running costs. These can be purchased from hardware stores and fitted by you easily.

The final tip is to turn things off. We all know that lights and appliances cost money to run, but we still leave them on unnecessarily. Use energy efficient light bulbs and turn them off when you leave the room. Do not leave your TV on standby, it is one of the biggest users of electricity and a fire hazard. Switching appliances off at the plug and using lights less is an easy way to knock more money off your bills.

None of these tips should scare you, they are easy, cheap and very efficient. You can make draft excluders with your children by stuffing old newspaper into a stocking or long sock and you can buy curtain lining that you can attach to your current curtains if you really like the style, although lined curtains do come in as many styles and colours as ordinary curtains. Follow this advice and save money, you would be a fool not to.