Are Kitchen Curtains Really Necessary?

I know that I have lived in a few houses (mainly in student days) where kitchen curtains were the last thing on my mind. But now that I am trying to make a house a home, curtains in the kitchen are one of those finishing touches which make all the difference. You don’t think they matter until you have them and then you see what a great addition they are to a kitchen design.

The trouble is when you are short of cash (maybe you just paid out big bucks for a kitchen remodel and appliances) the budget just isn’t there for new curtains.

A Temporary Solution

In that case fill your windowsills with house plants until you can afford some great curtains or blinds – resist the urge to put up with cheap and nasty kitchen curtains – they won’t add anything to your room scheme. Just play a waiting game for now.

Save Money

Any of those “make do and mend” ideas like using towels or tea cloths for curtains are not going to make anyone’s kitchen look a million dollars.

However if you are handy with a needle and can afford to buy fabric, consider making your own kitchen curtains to save money.

Suitable fabrics are not the most expensive to buy – washable cotton is best – and they are easy to handle. Keep an eye out for some great fabric which will go well with your kitchen color scheme. You will find fabric available in so many different colors and patterns that you are bound to find inspiration strikes eventually.

Choose the Right Kitchen Curtains

If you have the luxury of being able to choose new kitchen curtains right away to go with your kitchen then make sure that you take into account the color tones of your kitchen, the style and the kind of theme you are aiming for when you make your choice.

A country kitchen needs very different curtains from a city slicker apartment. As you will be aware if you ever came across kitchen curtains which were plain wrong for a room, curtains make quite an impact in the overall look of a kitchen and you want to get it right.