Lined Curtains and Comfortable Pillows to Sleep Throughout the Day

Sleep is essential to a healthy life. If we do not get enough hours of kip on a constant basis, our bodies can be put under immense amounts of pressure and stress. The physical effects of sleep deprivation can make working and driving dangerous. A large percentage of road traffic accidents are caused by tired drivers, some of whom were not even awake at the wheel. Workers in charge of industrial machinery can also put themselves and co-workers at risk of injury if they work whilst tired.

It is easy for most of us to get enough sleep on a nightly basis, getting into bed as the sun goes down and rising after it gets lighter. In winter it is even easier to get to sleep as the nights are so much darker, although most people would rather stay in bed than having to get up in the dark!

However, for night workers it can be difficult getting to sleep, especially if they have recently changed from day shifts. There are several factors that can prevent us from getting to sleep and staying in a deep slumber once we enter the land of nod. Noises entering the room, the light levels and source of light, and also our bed can determine the quality of our sleep.

You can adapt your bedroom in various ways which should make sleeping through the day easier. Of course, if you are totally wiped out you will be able to sleep anytime throughout the day, but for those of you who need a little help, take on board some of these tips and sleeping might be easier for you.

Hang lined curtains in your bedroom instead of blinds, nets or thin drapes. Not only will lined curtains stop more sunlight entering the room than any of these other types of window dressing, they can also limit the amount of noise that you hear. Most curtain linings have acoustic as well as thermal insulation properties. This means that road and street noise is lowered so high amounts of traffic will not disturb you during the day. They can also help you to stay warm or cool during extreme weather conditions, so sleep shouldn’t be disrupted by your body changing temperature.

If you need to be in pitch black before you can get to sleep, think about attaching a blackout lining onto your existing curtains. This will plunge your room into total darkness whenever the curtains are drawn.

You should make sure that the duvet and pillows you use are right for the temperature of your room. Getting too hot or cold during the time you are sleeping can make you wake up and also stop you from falling back to sleep. Change your duvets between winter and summer months from a high tog to a thinner duvet. This will stop you from overheating or getting too cold.

Making some house rules is also a good idea if you are the only person in your house that needs to sleep during the day. If you have a family, make sure that your children do not disturb you between certain hours. Ask flatmates to try and keep the noise down if they are going to be in the house whilst you are trying to sleep. This way you are guaranteed an uninterrupted time when you can sleep. You should also turn your mobile phone onto silent and divert all house calls.

Trying out some of these techniques should help you if your work forces you to sleep during in the day. They will turn your bedroom into a dark and peaceful haven in which you can fall into utter relaxation. The best bit is that none of the tips will force you to redecorate or buy expensive sleeping aides like sound simulators.

Getting the Right Shades and Curtains

Do you have too many windows and not enough shades to cover them all? Have you considered buying some sort of shades to cover up the amount of light entering your windows? Do you dream of being able to adjust the light entering into your kitchen or family room? Then you should consider buying some sort of shades or curtains for your house.

There are tons of varieties of shades and curtains that might be perfect for you. Depending on the decor and ambiance of your house, you might want to look for specific styles or designs. In particular, I enjoy bamboo curtains. These curtains, made of bamboo, have an old time, native feel to them. I love looking at and feeling the texture of these curtains as I enter my living room every night. I’m sure you will feel exactly the same.

If you have the desire to take advantage of the sunlight, you might consider investing in solar shades. These shades have energy conductors built into them, which allows your shades to harvest the energy of sunlight and convert it to usable energy in your own house. If you are looking for a way to save money on electricity, and beat the heat, you should definitely consider purchasing solar shades.

You can buy both of these items from any neighborhood Walmart or Lowes. The designs and sizes vary greatly, so it’s up to you to decide what you want for your house. Consider bamboo or solar shades when fitting your next window.

Let the Light in With Closet Curtains

Closet curtains bring a unique, decorative touch to any room in your modern house. As closet door replacement, you can choose either drapes or sheer. With the sheer variety, you get an airy, light and billowy feel. However, the design does not have much to give when it comes to protecting your privacy unlike with drapes that fall back in place every time you open it.

Beaded curtains are another unique design to consider. They are stylish and perfect for use in your children’s room. With curtains as your closet cover, you do not have to worry that your child will accidentally lock himself inside the closet or bang his head on the door or close the door on his hand. Here are some examples of closet curtains from online retailers (Amazon,, etc).

Beaded Curtain, Raindrops Pink Iridescent:

The strands of this beaded curtain are attached to one rod and ready to hang. The heavy-duty acrylic beads have beautiful iridescent coating, making the curtain perfect for use in almost all rooms in your house, including bedroom, pantry and laundry. The sparkling look of the gem can be mesmerizing and attractive. The available sizes are 35 inches in width by 70 inches in length. You can shop this beaded curtain for a retail price of $18.99.

Shari II Lace Door Panel:

This soft, subtle yet elegant lace curtains can bring an element of romance into your home. This curtain, which is part of the JCPenney Home Collection, uses a lace of scalloped polyester jacquard. It features shirr on its 1-inch clear rod. Available sizes are 45 inches in width by 45 inches in length and 45 inches in width by 80 inches in length. Color options are cool white, dusty mauve, antique bronze, linen and rich burgundy. Sale prices range from $6.99 to $11.99.

Linden Street Sheer Door Panel:

These sheer but thick drapes help block excess light from going into the area it encloses, thus giving your room that airy and light feeling. You have a choice of two styles and many colors, including green clay, chocolate, desert khaki, cinnamon brandy, light indigo, lake mist, Stonehenge, rustic red, toffee and soft cream. It measures 54 inches in width and 72 inches in length. It sells for a discounted price of $14.99.

PVC Door Curtain:

This door curtain is easy to install. It helps reduce draught, welding flash, dust, noise and spray. Available grades are standard, polar, ribbed and welding quality while the standard sizes are 200x2x50 meters, 300x2x50 meters, 300x3x50 meters, 400x4x50 meters, 1000x2x20 meters, 1000x3x20 meters and 1000x5x20 meters. Colors available are green, red and bronze.

Classic Check Door Panel by Waverly:

This windowpane plaid Linden door panel has a Velcro which is used to attach to the door. You can use the Velcro tabs to fold or roll and secure the door panel in place. The material is washable cotton and comes in color choices of crimson, sage, black, dark chocolate and marine blue. It measures 26 inches wide by 68 inches long. You can buy this door panel at for $35.99.

Lt.Purple Voile w/Stitching Door Curtain and Window Wall Hanging:

This pure cotton door curtain measures 92 inches by 42 inches. You can use this as room dividers, drapes or window curtains. It sells under item number CT12-p1-5-IA for only $19.99.