Set the Mood and Atmosphere of Your Room With Curtains

Virtually everyone who owns a home is in constant struggle to make their house appear beautiful and opulent. One of the ways in which you can ensure the magnificence and lavishness of your home is through the purchase of suitable curtains. Since the theme in your home can vary from one room to another, it is sensible to consider numerous factors before choosing the right curtains for your windows and doors.

Some factors you need to take into account before choosing curtains is the type of room you are purchasing them for, style and size of the windows, the specific kind of ambiance you want to form for it, as well as the decoration and design.

For example, if you are purchasing curtains for a nursery, elaborate and heavy curtains would look out of place. They would also cost more than other curtains. On the other hand, if you purchase lighter curtains in pastel colours and simple design, not only would they look ideal, but they would also cost less.

If you are decorating a room that is reserved for the purpose of entertainment, where the interior is elaborate and rich, then heavier much fancier window treatments would look appropriate. If you use a room for relaxing; it may benefit from light and simply designed coverings, whereas, in a kitchen you can use cafe style curtains or even blinds to provide a fresh and airy effect. Each room needs careful consideration and thought before you go on to select of right curtains for the windows.

Curtains have the ability to change the entire look of a living space. If you review online ready-made curtain retailers, you would find an extensive variety of window coverings in a myriad of hues and colours to select from.

The present demand for natural light has generated a huge change in the window industry. Picture windows and sliding glass doors are no longer the only choices we have to bring brightness into our homes. Arched windows, sunbursts, skylights are all in large demand, along with floor to ceiling French doors, and bay or bow windows. Central heating and better window construction has made it possible to have larger windows. It has also freed us from the need to heavily drape our windows through the cold winter months.

Curtains have become the design feature element for home decoration rather than simply functioning as things to provide personal privacy and keep light out. One of the simplest and most affordable ways of modifying the look of a living space is to change the door and window treatment. Through the use of curtains, you can reinvent any room affordably and easily.

Curtains are a fantastic solution for people who are looking to decorate their house by following specific themes. It is the perfect solution for those who want to make their home look appealing, as well as comfortable and glamorous.

Save Money With Blackout Curtains

Most people are familiar with certain aspects of blackout curtains. Those are curtains that make the room exceptionally dark. For some homes which want to brighten their rooms, there are window treatments that allow plenty of light through and around the curtains. But some people need to block as much light as possible. This may be due to the fact they are light sleepers and do not want the morning sky to awaken them too early. Or they may be shift workers that need to sleep during the day. Another possibility is that they have children who nap, or who should be in bed while the sun is still up. Lastly, people in cities use them to block out street lights and lights from traffic.

While those uses are commonly known, there is another benefit to blackout curtains that many people do not think about.

Because of the way blackout curtains are made, they are denser and heavier than regular curtains. Some even have a rubberized lining on the window-side. These make great light-blockers, but they also block heat.

In the summertime, using blackout curtains can reduce the temperature in a room by as much as ten to fifteen degrees. When used in multiple rooms, this can significantly reduce the load on any air conditioner/cooling unit. That, in turn, reduces the electric bill.

In the winter, you want the light to come in through those windows and heat the house as naturally as possible (reducing your heating bill). However, by using blackout curtains at night in the winter, you can reduce the amount of heat exchange that takes place through the window (which is the biggest source of lost heat in the house). Think of it like putting a blanket over the window, keeping the heat in. Again, using the curtains like this becomes a money-saver by keeping your house warmer in winter, lowering your heat bill.

Add Pizazz With a Contemporary Shower Curtain

A bathroom is to a house very much the same as shoes are to an outfit. Just like a great ensemble can be ruined by a shabby pair of poorly chosen footwear, the look and feel of the restroom can change a family member’s or visitor’s view of the entire home. Fortunately, a well-dressed bathroom, like a well-shoed pair of feet, can make everything else appear a bit brighter.

For such a tiny part of the house, bathrooms rank among the top priorities of both decorators and home buyers. And why not? The porcelain throne may be seated in a small chamber, but that chamber is a place which every member of the household will visit at least once a day. Also, having a great looking bathroom in your house greatly increases its resale value in the future as prospective home buyers place a lot of importance on it.

Want to make your bathroom the exclamation point of your home? Try adding a contemporary shower curtain to make this little vestibule pop with style.

Changing your shower curtain is the quickest and easiest way to update your entire bathroom. Because the space is a small one, shower curtains set the tone for the entire room. Therefore, this one decorating element should be chosen carefully and deliberately to coincide with any other plans you may have to rework your toilette.

Choosing a contemporary style for your shower curtain will make the most of this little room. It affords you the opportunity to showcase the edgy, playful look of modern or postmodern art into a space that might be inappropriate for original framed pieces because of the humidity. You can find shower curtains based on the work of artists such as Piet Mondrian, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, and Andy Warhol, to name a few.

If fine art is not your thing, many other contemporary design options are available. Repeating patterns of geometric shapes, abstract use of primary colors, and simple monochromatic elements of nature, such as bamboo, all figure into this style of decor and will give your bathroom a sharp, exciting boost.

Whether based in fine art or simple, non-objective design principles, the bold shapes and lines featured in contemporary design will infuse the space with energy and vitality. The tendency toward primary and secondary colors – red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, and green – radiate playful friendliness.

So, don’t wait, go out and get you new contemporary shower curtain today!